Yes, it’s true: 40 is the new 30! While this is lovely to hear, it may be harder to see. Skin in its fourth decade undergoes its greatest changes to date…with wrinkles deepening, dark spots getting, well, darker, and skin sagging showing up in more places. While these changes are internal, there’s a lot you… Read More »


What makes turning 30 so awesome? Your birthday is filled with good champagne, awesome friends, and an amazing family. What makes it not-so-awesome? The changes to your skin. The changes you see aren’t in your imagination. This is the decade when your glow is nowhere to be found but lines and dark spots are present… Read More »


In our “more is more” society, we crave more caffeine, more intense workouts, more kale, and way more time. At Purity of Elements, we believe that less is more—especially when it comes to body cleanser. Keep this in mind: good things come in small packages—like our Hydrating Body Wash. It’s packed full of high quality,… Read More »


Twenty-something skin: it’s young, firm, even-toned and…wait a minute, is that a wrinkle? Under your eye? Yes, your 20s are all about discovering yourself, and that includes finding the first signs of skin aging. Much like where you are in life, your skin is straddling both sides of the fence: one foot in its radiant… Read More »


These essentials put the “well” in well-traveled. Check out our on-board essentials that make getting there half the fun. iPad Who can live without their iPad? Flight time is our favorite time to binge-watch our favorite shows (hello, House of Cards) and get lost in our summer romance novel. Skin Care When it comes to… Read More »

dry body brushing

We know mornings are go-go-go. But, there’s one 5-minute activity we always make time for: dry body brushing. This ancient body therapy practice can help soothe stress, stimulate lymphatic flow (see-ya, cellulite), exfoliate and soften skin, and even minimize stretch marks. (We had you at cellulite, right?) Our copywriter swears that body brushing kicks her… Read More »


With so many apps and so little megabytes, it’s understandable why you’re more selective about your downloads. But, we can’t help but recommend the 7-Minute workout challenge. 1. Complete with visuals 2. Spoken cues 3. A stopwatch 4. Rewards to keep you motivated 5. You can fit in some pulse-raising fitness anytime, anywhere 6.  No… Read More »


From cleansing to how (and when) to apply eye cream, your nighttime skin care routine can make #iwokeuplikethis a reality.   Take it All Off Going to bed with a face full of make-up is as big of a sin as not wearing sunscreen. And, it’s not just make-up that you’re sleeping with: it’s environmental… Read More »


Hot days and warmer nights beckon us outdoors. But, the sun’s harmful rays can undo the efforts of your anti aging skin care routine. Before you head out, take precautions to protect your skin from premature aging caused by the sun’s harmful rays.   Keep up with your daily regimen. Days filled with fun-in-the-sun activities… Read More »